Tours List

The tragic heritage of African Americans. Travel in the footsteps of the ancestors of African Americans. Captured from their home villages throughout West Africa and the Sahel, slaves were transported to castles along the Atlantic Coast before being shipped to the various  foreign countries. Visit the historic and tragic sites where they were held, upcountry […]
Experience the music, arts, and culture of Ghana. Festivals of many kinds are held throughout the year in many parts of Ghana, although September is called the festival month for good reason.  During this tour you will visit several cultural, music, and art festivals as well as celebrations and thanksgiving for recent harvests,. In September, […]
Many people visit Africa to see its wild animals. Ghana is teeming with wildlife and has set aside many national parks and reserves for you to observe animals.  Mole National Park is known for its herds of elephants. After a guided safari through the park to see the elephants , antelopes, birds, buffaloes and crocodiles  […]