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Many people visit Africa to see its wild animals.

Ghana is teeming with wildlife and has set aside many national parks and reserves for you to observe animals.  Mole National Park is known for its herds of elephants. After a guided safari through the park to see the elephants , antelopes, birds, buffaloes and crocodiles  etc… close-up, you can relax poolside at a comfortable lodge and view them bathing in a lake below.  Turtles nest and lay eggs on several deserted beaches along the coast.  A boat ride on the Black Volta River takes you to hippos in the Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary.  Crocodiles are held sacred by local people and can be seen in several preserves around the country, particularly Paga in the far north.  Many varieties of butterflies can be seen at the Bobiri Forest Butterfly Sanctuary and other reserves in the south of the country.  Ghana is a hidden treasure for birders.  BirdLife International lists over twenty forests and reserves in Ghana for prime bird watching.  It would not be unusual when standing at the edge of a pond to look down and see a crocodile, look up to see a white heron, and, at eye level, see weaver birds busily building their nests.


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